Izzy's x Burritos Hermanos !

We've teamed up with our friends at Burritos Hermanos to bring you the perfect at-home fiesta, inspired by the golden age of Mexican cinema!

Choose among the Enamorada menu (the perfect way to start your evening, with a brand-new dip that's not even on Burritos Hermanos's menu yet, and the Bird of Paradise, our cocktail of the week that marries blanco tequila with roasted corn, Mexican canela, and a kick of heat from birds eye chilis), and the In Caliente menu (a bountiful meal with two cocktails, two burritos [check out the special Besame Mucho that Chef Ted created for this weekend!], chips & guac, and of course, cookies to end things on a sweet note!

And if you want to add more cocktails or cookies, who are we to stop you? It's a fiesta!

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