Our Story

Allison Kave and Jennifer Crain, Cofounders

It may sound more than a bit cliché, but Izzy’s started out as an American-in-Paris dream: A Californian’s love affair with Paris.  Living here for almost a decade with my partner and two children, I am still (and always!) over-the-moon for the gorgeous local produce and the uniquely French value placed on artisanal products, lovingly crafted in old traditions.  I also missed the freshness of the California plant-based food and cocktail scene — because you can take the girl out of San Francisco, but you can’t take the San Francisco out of the girl!

Over the past couple of years, with a small supply of courage (or as my father would say, ‘chutzpah’) and an even smaller supply of expertise, I decided to launch Saint Isidore, a California-style restaurant marrying the beauty of French local produce and tradition, with the fresh, plant-based ethos that’s long been developing in Cali.  It evoked summer visits to Venice’s Abbott Kinney neighborhood mixed with nostalgic family brunches at Greens restaurant and dinners at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse. 

We had an idea, a mission, a small team, we even had a chef, but we were missing the thing I loved most in the world — a California cocktail and a dessert menu that involved cookies and sprinkles. Enter Allison: talented cocktail mixologist, pastry chef, and founder of Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch.  I had been already longing for her to bring her skills (and recipes!) to Paris, not even realizing she spoke French!  A mutual friend said we should connect, and immediately we clicked. Kismet.

COVID changed the plan. No longer the ideal moment to open a bootstrapped, brick-&-mortar  restaurant, we teamed up to reinvent ourselves for this new moment, because our passion for the California plant-based vision is there. Plus, there’s nothing I personally want more now than a yummy, fresh, surprise-my-tastebuds cocktail — and maybe, just maybe, down the line... a slice of cake or a pack of cookies (always in the plant-based spirit of Saint Isidore) — to add some sweetness to the ‘new normal’.  

Thanks for joining us on our new adventure as we put our hearts into giving you an exciting, California-dreamin’ taste experience in your own home, on the banks of Canal Saint Martin, for a socially-distanced picnic, a small home party, to share over Zoom or wherever your adventures take you... #izzyswashere 


Jennifer & Allison